Design Alpha

Design Alpha is a one-stop- shop that aids entrepreneurs to materialise better hardware concepts and market ready products in addition to assisting multifarious product development cycles at different stages.


Design Alpha supports two critical stages of hardware production to that end: the ‘Proof of Product’ stage to translate a novel product idea into a viable commercial solution. And the final stage between developing advanced prototypes and commercial production which set the pace for disruptive technologies to penetrate the ever-hungry market.

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Our Services

Design Alpha team has intense experience in taking an idea from mind to a commercial product in market. A partner network with global service providers is put in place, to ensure world class services. This includes various phases like evaluation of idea, its potential for patentability, helping in protecting intellectual properties, proof of concept, industrial design, mechanical design, Optical design to regulatory and compliance tests, reliability life tests and volume manufacturing.


Design Alpha hand holds Start-ups to convert their ideas to sellable products. There are flexible models of business engagements to suit the entrepreneur.

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Social Alpha

Social Alpha promotes socially relevant innovations and entrepreneurship with a mission to create impact. By creating high quality, commercially viable, accessible and affordable solutions for social and economic problems, entrepreneurship can bring about a disruptive change in the lives of masses. We enable that change.


Social Alpha’s innovation labs, incubator and accelerator services offer entrepreneurs what they need – focus, capital, expertise and infrastructure support to build financially sustainable and operationally scalable ventures for effective/visible social impact.

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