Dr.K.R.Suresh Nair


Dr. Suresh Nair, alumnus of IIT Bombay co-founded Design Alpha at Infopark, Kochi with the support of Tata Trusts in 2016.

An active promoter of academic industry association, Dr. Suresh passionately mentors youngsters as entrepreneurs. He has designed and developed an extensive array of novel products with excellent global market acceptance. With 30 years of multi-industry experience he’s a pioneer in advocating product designs and strategies.

Dr. Nair philosophies and expertise are reflected in his founding of Biophoton Technologies & co-founding Design Alpha. Since his initial career at R&D Lab of Ministry of IT and NeST as Chief Technology Officer, he’s been at the forefront of various councils and boards including government R&D, Kerala State IT Mission, CUSAT, Kerala Startup Mission amongst many more.

The DST Lockheed Martin award 2014 is one of many accolades he has received for his innovation. Dr. Suresh enjoys sharing the fruits of his knowledge, resultant of which, he has more than 107 publications, 18 patents, 2 co-authored books and more than 200 technical reports to his credit.

A bit about us

Design Alpha is a one-stop- shop that aids entrepreneurs to materialise better hardware concepts and market ready products in addition to assisting multifarious product development cycles at different stages.

Design Alpha streamlines product concepts, and refines designs to deliver functional prototypes which aim for commercial viability through holistic solutions to prototype and produce low volume trial runs for proof of concept.

A rigorous product development pipeline consisting of incubators, user-centered design expertise, mentoring, regulatory support, go-to- market strategy, rapid prototyping and DFM (Design for manufacturing) delivers a market ready product which meets the highest standards of industrial design and compliance.

Design Alpha’s veteran team is well versed with the nitty-gritty of numerous industries, harnessing their combined experience to deliver top-tier product development solutions

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