What we do

We aim to provide entrepreneurs a hassle-free development cycle that delivers great, user-friendly products that excel in design and free up time for you to do what you do best: design and implement ideas to deliver the best of products to the world and create social impact.

Design Alpha supports two critical stages of hardware production to that end: the ‘Proof of Product’ stage to translate a novel product idea into a viable commercial solution. And the final stage between developing advanced prototypes and commercial production which set the pace for disruptive technologies to penetrate the ever-hungry market.

We provide assistance across the board, beginning with product ideation, right till the launch of your product and even beyond with the help of Social Alpha. The barebones of our design philosophy is as follows:


Design Alpha’s working principles are set in the cornerstone of a distinct process that lets you handpick the support for specific aspects of your hardware product development.


Kick-start your entrepreneurial imagination with a material touch. Design Alpha’s product design oriented programmes strive towards one goal:attaining user oriented, commercial product viability. A comprehensive idea evaluation covering all grounds including potential commerce, tools, designs, testing and compliance, this is your project pit stop.


Test the waters as our team develops a Proof Of Concept. Measure your product viability across the board with our pre-design idea conceptualisation that strives to set-up a functional foundation for your product.


A comprehensive, satisfaction centric user experience is about good design. Design that goes beyond your product’s appearance.  Good product design is about delivering flawless comfort, fluid UI, spellbinding ergonomics, and extensive compatibility, all of which we bring to the fore with our veteran design team hailing from a variety of industries.


A product is good in thoughts, but infinitely better in a physical form. With our design expertise spanning mechanical, optical, electronic fields assisted by our network of expert manufacturers, mentors and field veterans, you’ll have functional prototypes of your product to tinker with in no time.


A name is as good as its reputation, and reputation is won by meeting and going beyond
expectations. Give your product a pre-launch advantage as we help you iron out all the creases in your product finalisation. Leave it in our hands to drive your product by tests and checks with the necessary compliance adherence to meet the best of industry standards.


With our expansive network of market expertise assisted by Social Alpha, ease your mind as we cruise you through a full scale commercial launch of your market ready product.